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John Lehman


Delegate for Local 70

Velasco, P

Fidencio (Denis) Velasco

Vice President

Delegate for Local 70


Lisa Marx

Financial Secretary/ Treasurer

Delegate Local 70

Lisa started her Scaffold Apprenticeship March of 2011 and journeyed out in 2015. Through her time in the UBC she has been very active with her local, council and community partner organizations across the state. As a second-year apprentice, she became Trustee and Delegate for the Local and is now the Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Delegate for Local 70.  In 2014, she was appointed onto the Regional Council Finance Committee and soon after started the North Puget Sound Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee. She still chairs the NPS SIB meetings which are held on the second Thursday of the month. See meeting info on home page for time and location.

As the NWCI Apprentice Outreach and Retention Coordinator, Lisa works with community partners, schools, pre-apprenticeships, D.O.C, TERO and other community groups to share information about the many apprenticeship opportunities we offer. She loves helping others find hope and opportunities for future growth. She states, “Empowering others and watching them succeed is the greatest gift and feeling one can ever have.”

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Miguel Perry

Recording Secretary

Delegate for Local 70

I started my apprenticeship in 1979 and Journeyed out in 1983. For many years I wore my bags without any involvement with my union. I guess I didn't comprehend what was in it for me. In 2004, I was invited to go to my Local union meeting and I started attending regularly. It wasn't long after that I was elected to be the Recording Secretary of Local 562 in Everett. A position I held until they consolidated the three North Puget Sound Locals into one Local 70. I have been your Local 70 Recording Secretary since the consolidation. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you. I want to thank you for your vote of confidence during all these years. What's in it for me today? Protecting the area standard wages and benefits that those who came before me fought so hard to attain for me, and ensuring future carpenters get the same opportunity for living wages that was entrusted to me.

Ostlund, Scott

Scott Ostlund


Delegate for Local 70

D. Hutchins

Dan Hutchins


Delegate for Local 70

M. Petrish

Michael Petrish


Delegate for Local 70

E. Torset

Eric Torset


Delegate for Local 70

I started in 1991 as a concrete hand building forms and flatwork, a skill that kept me busy through out my career. After 5 years of conducting these activities, I had the opportunity to work as a residential carpenter building single family, multi units, large custom homes and a couple small commercial projects.  I really excelled and enjoyed the trade but the pay was starving my family and I.

In 2006,  I was invited to take a look at what the union offered and signed up. Since then I have never looked back. Along this journey I spent 8-9 years on the outskirts of union meetings, never really participating.  In 2015, I attended journeyman leadership training in Las Vegas and became ignited to be a part of the current new and exciting change traversing through the carpenters and I needed to add my part by starting at the local level.  I returned home and attended meetings regularly and when I could get involved, I did.  I was elected delegate to local 70 in the same year. Then, 2 years later I interviewed for a position as an instructor for the Northwest Carpenters Institute (NWCI) and was awarded the position. This is a great honor and an important responsibility, I have became a mentor for young apprentices and try to be an example of what it means to be a member through solidarity and encourage participation. Also in this journey, I was elected as trustee for local 70 and I take this position very seriously. I feel like I listen to what our members are saying and act as there voice. I have seen the growth and participation here at local 70, through the few years that I have had the honor to serve and I’m excited to see more.

Danny O'Brien

Danny O'brien


Member Since 2002

Superintendent – BNBuilders

With over 17 years as a Union Carpenter and growing up in a reputable Union Carpenter household I have dedicated my career to ensuring the strength of our Union by promoting strength in its members. Local 70 has some of the hardest working and highly skilled craftspeople in the Northwest and I am so proud of, not only the work we do, but who we are. I began to participate in a greater capacity in 2012 when I regrettably found myself saying “someone should…” and immediately replaced it with “I will…”In the last 7 years I have served as your Warden, 2 terms as your Delegate and am currently on my 2 term as your Trustee. I serve by diligently listening to our members needs and providing oversight, stewardship and balanced advice on how to handle our members money to ensure stability and a long prosperous future for Local 70.


Josh Willette

At Large

Whatcom County

Local 70 Delegate and Website Specialist

Galovin, Paul

Paul Galovin

At Large

Snohomish County

Delegate for Local 70

I enlisted into the Army in 2000 and continue to serve in the Army National Guard. Then moved back to Marysville in 2007. The last 12 years I’ve been a Union Carpenter. Currently serve as a delegate for the PNWRCC, Snohomish County Labor Council and serving on the Marysville facilities committee. Education background includes; Graduated carpenters apprenticeship through Northwest Carpenters Institute and Military NCO Leadership training.

I served as an Alternate delegate for 4 years and as a Delegate for the last 4 years.

J. Weeks

Joe Weeks

At Large

Skagit County

Delegate and Chair for Local 70 Mentor Committee

Your Delegates

John Lehman, Lisa Marx, Fidencio (Denis) Velasco, Greg Brady, Miguel Perry, Eric Torset, Michael Petrish, Joe Weels. Scott Ostlund, Dan Hutchins, Paul Galovin and Josh Willette

Alternate Delegates

Tyler Dubuque, Chris Hensel and Chuck Davis